Benazir Never Thought of “Nukeing” India (24.07.18) | The Tribune (India)

“When l asked if she had ever woken up with the thought of ‘nukeing’ a few thousand Indians, she responded with a firm ‘no’. l have the details of that interview on a tape safely preserved in my London office. ‘For God’s sake, never have l woken up with such a mad thought because l know that nukeing any Indian, even if l was mad enough to think that, would end up nukeing my own people.'”

The Changing Face of War Reporting (27.06.16) | The Wire

“Reporters who write their stories only from the soldiers’ perspective sometimes run the risk of ignoring the larger political story that may be developing at the same time. The other danger is that hostile extremist groups, such as the al Qaida, Taliban and ISIS, may see embedded reporters as a part and parcel of the foreign invading army and hence as legitimate targets. However, this was not always the case…”

Inviting Condi Rice to Dinner (06.03.07) | Khaleej Times(India)

“Something has changed. Maybe we should blame it all on 9/11, but there is a secrecy —opaque is another word that comes to mind —and lack of accountability that makes Washington a more difficult capital to report since my father’s day.”

Saddam’s old doctor longs for fall of man he aided (07.12.02) | The Times (London)

“Tahsin Mualla is a man with a history. Once a prominent Baghdad doctor, he treated Saddam Hussein more than 40 years ago after he was wounded during an attempted coup d’etat.”

Arafat loses way on road to peace (12.05.94) | The Observer (London)

“The lights have been turned off at the Hisham Palace Hotel in Jericho,  and fear and disappointment are written across the faces of the Abdo famil ywho have owned the hotel for nearly 100 years. They feel betrayed by the Palestine Liberation Organisation, and by Yasser Arafat. They are not the only ones…”

 Atoms For War (16.12.79) | The Observer (London)

How Dr. Khan Stole The Bomb For Islam (09.12.79) | The Observer (London)