Saddam’s Bomb

In October 1990 Saddam Hussein ordered a crash programme to design a nuclear bomb that could easily be carried on a tank transporter to the outskirts of Kuwait City. His plan was to detonate it before the Allies could launch their war against him in Operation Desert Storm. His enemies had no idea he was so close to the bomb, even though some who worked for him had warned the West that Saddam was at his most dangerous .when cornered. Saddam’s Bomb tells the dramatic story of “Petro Chemical 3” founded to implement Saddam’s dream of transforming Iraq into the world’s next great nuclear power. To achieve this he invested $18 billion and employed over 20,000 scientists at 60 top-secret sites all across Iraq in the greatest sleight of hand the world has ever witnessed. His family were the only ones he trusted to run a worldwide network of covert businesses to buy the components of the bomb. They in turn embezzled millions and plotted against each other in a series of blood feuds.

Bhatia wrote Saddam’s Bomb with Daniel McGrory and it it published in paperback by TimeWarner.